Data and Analytics Have Been in Our DNA from the Beginning

Analytics is the essential element of who we are and empower us to help our clients win their digital battles.

Based on over 15 years of experience in consulting, designing, developing and delivering modern analytics solutions, we truly believe that data-driven companies can adapt faster to the ever-changing business environment and outrun their competitors.

Our company motto is taken from leading managers who say, “Know Your Numbers”.

End-to-End Analytics Solution

We work across full data stack and take our clients end-to-end, from the early business case definition to the working analytics solution that brings value.

We know how to do the heavy lifting to build a solid data foundation.

We are highly experienced in implementing both simple and complex data warehouse and data lake solutions, including international multi-company instances with numerous internal and external data sources on different technologies, such as Snowflake, IBM Integrated Analytics Systems (Netezza), Oracle Exadata and Microsoft SQL.

We know how to sculpture data and develop advanced analytics capabilities.

Based on numerous and diverse business intelligence and data science projects, we know how to discover and interpret meaningful data patterns and how to apply them towards effective decision making.

We Bring Business and Technology Together

Rich Technical Expertise

We have a proven track record of over 150 successfully completed analytics projects, both globally and domestically and across a wide range of industries.

Data Warehouse Modernization

Analytics and Data Visualisation

Data Science and Artificial

Financial Performance Management

Our consultants master a large variety of technologies and possess diverse modelling skills, i.e. Kimball, Super-Sub Type, Anchor and Data Vault and are deeply knowledgeable about technical or industrial disciplines.

Deep Industry Experience and Know-How

We cooperate with leading companies within each industry and thus we understand the issues and opportunities unique to insurance, banking, telecommunication, retail and other industries.

Our clients range from large international multi-company organisations and middle-sized companies to niche players and start-ups.

Quick Wins

We always follow our objective, “Think Big, Start Small”, meaning that we first identify key value opportunities with quick results to assure that you can reap the first benefits of data project as soon as possible.

This goes hand in hand with our interactive agile development methodology that builds confidence among stakeholders and users as they get familiar with new solutions and tools at a very early stage and enjoy quick wins.

Faster “Time to Value”

DataMerlin, the data warehouse automation platform

DataMerlin is a platform that encapsulates proven data integration methodology, built-in technical expertise, best practices and tools that automate the ETL / ELT process as much as possible.

By combining the power of automation with a metadata-driven approach, we can significantly reduce delivery time, costs, and risks and achieve greater efficiency and consistency of your data warehousing project.

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Datarchy, the managed analytics service

Datarchy is based on the Snowflake data warehouse, best in class data integration process and methodology, embedded modern data visualisation platform and Databricks for running different predictive models. All components run on Microsoft Azure, leveraging all the benefits of the cloud platform.

It is a perfect choice for companies that would like to concentrate on their core business and leverage all benefits, including lower cost, lower risk and greater efficiency of outsourcing data and analytics solutions.

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